Web Based Email Access Instructions

Web Based Email Access Instructions

Web Based Email Access Instructions

Access to Alameda Mortgage’s email system can be delivered over a standard web browser. The use of this system allows authorized individuals easy access to send and receive messages without the aid of an email client. For the best experience, please use Internet Explorer, although other browsers will work with some reduced functionality.

In order to access the web based version of the mail system, please follow the information provided below.

  1. Navigate to https://mail.alamedamortgage.com/

  1. Enter your email address and password that was provided. Your email address will be in the format firstname.lastname@alamedamortgage.com

  2. If you’ve never logged on to Outlook Web App, you will be prompted for a time zone. Just select the one that fits for you.

  1. Once logged in, you will see the web based email system. Key areas are pointed out below.

  1. To Change Your Password: and go to “Options” on the upper right corner and select “Change Password.”

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