Removing Windows Update that is causing an Indexing Error in Outlook

Removing Windows Update that is causing an Indexing Error in Outlook

There has been numerous reports of users having search related trouble in outlook.

The solution is to remove a specific Windows Update.

Here are the various updates that need to be uninstalled depending on the version of windows you are using:

Windows 7, the update is KB4022719, on Windows10 it's KB4022715 OR KB4022725. Windows 8.1 the update is KB4022726.

The easiest way to find your windows updates on your computer is to click on the start menu and type "Update". This will bring up your windows update options for installation and settings. 

For example:

In Windows 7, go to the start menu and type "update"Click on the windows updates option returned from your search result.
With the windows up date screen open, go to the update history link on the left.

If you have an anti virus, disable it before uninstalling the update. Otherwise you will have problems.

Once in the history screen you can search in the top right for the update that you want to uninstall. In this case, search for KB4022719. You should be able to select the update  and uninstall it by right clicking or clicking uninstall at the top.

For Windows 8 or Windows 10 the steps are similar but you need to make sure you search for the correct update related to your version of windows.

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