Instructions for new VA Portal

Instructions for new VA Portal

All external users need to sign up for an account with via AccessVA. You only need to do it once and thereafter use your login credentials – email and password to login. You will need your current WebLGY user name and password before you begin.

 1. Navigate to LGY Hub:

 2. Click Sign In in the upper right corner, then Continue. You will be redirected to AccessVA:

 3. Click Sign in with

 4. Click Accept:

 5. Click Sign Up for an Account in the upper right corner.

 6. Enter your email and select a password. Check the I Accept statement and click Sign Up:

 7. After clicking the confirmation link in your email, return to this page to continue.

 8. Text Message or Phone Call (recommended), then Select:

 9. Select one of the two options Text Message or Phone Call, then Continue:

 10. Enter phone code and click Continue:

 11. Click Continue:

 12. Choose “Answer questions about your credit history”, then Start Now (or your preferred option):

 13. Enter personal information and Continue:

 14. Enter your address and Continue:

 15. Choose the option that applies to you and Continue:

 16. Verify your information, then Continue:

 17. Answer questions and Continue:

 18. Phone confirmation process:

Click the link sent to your mobile phone number

 19. Permit AccessVA/LGY Hub to use your information by clicking Allow. This finally returns you to LGY Hub site.

 You will see the screen below to either link to your existing VIP account or register for a new account. Go to User has an existing VIP account to view steps to link to your VIP account.


1. Enter your VIP Username and Password and click the Link button, you will see the linking is in progress.

 2. You will see the registration success message:

 3. You will be redirected to either the Contact Information page, the Affiliate Information page, or taken directly to the LGY Hub main page if you are not missing any profile information:

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