How to Setup and Install Encompass360

How to Setup and Install Encompass360

How to Setup and Install Encompass360

Step 1: Validate Your System Requirements
Encompass360 is designed to operate on a PC with the following system requirements. Please note that Mac computers and Windows 8 are NOT supported at this time.


Operating System                               Minimum Required*                                  Recommended

Windows 2003,  Windows XP,                 Pentium 4 2.93 GHz                                           Core2
Windows Vista, Windows 2008 Server,
Windows 7


Operating System                               Minimum Required*                                  Recommended

Windows XP or Windows 2003                            1 GB                                                      2 GB

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2008         2 GB                                                     3 GB

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Minimum requirements are based on the computer running the operating system, the Microsoft Office application, and Encompass360. Other applications running on the computer have their own requirements that need to be taken into consideration.

Step 2: Begin installing Encompass360 on Your Computer
To begin, please download and read the Encompass360 setup guide located at: The guide contains the link to install your software. You will need the following Client ID during the installation process.

SmartClient ID: BE799877
Note: This is not your Encompass360 login ID. Please contact your system administrator for that information. If you are the Encompass360 system administrator, you will receive a separate email containing your Encompass360 Admin login ID and password.

How to Get Up and Running with Encompass360

To quickly learn about Encompass360, take advantage of the Encompass360 Resource Center and you’ll get the most out of your software investment. You can access the Resource Center at You’ll be asked to log in with your Encompass client ID, user ID and password. You can also connect directly from the software via your Encompass Home Page.

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