How to make a property flyer from encompass

How to make a property flyer from encompass

We recently updated our property flyer method and now have the ability to print a property flyer directly from encompass. While this is just a placeholder and only the loan officers name, phone and email get populated, this is all in Microsoft Word which is easier for most to use on their own.

This flyer still requires the loan officer to find three pricing scenarios on their own and paste them in, but it still ends up looking better and being more accurate than any of the auto generated solutions out there. This method also doesn't have any additional cost.

If you can write a letter and add images in Microsoft word , then you can make your own flyers with this template.

You can either download the flyer template from here in this knowledge base article or print it from encompass.

Here are the steps to print and customize the flyer from encompass:

  1. Inside Encompass Pipeline tab, select the printer icon 
  2. Navigate to the Marketing folder and Choose Add and Preview the Property Flyer 
  3. You are now free to edit the text and photos and then print to PDF or send to a marketing partner as a word document.

TIP: To replace a photo, right click and choose "Change Photo"
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