How to access Optimal Blue(OB) \ Product and Pricing

How to access Optimal Blue(OB) \ Product and Pricing

To ensure data integrity, we will be changing the way some of you are accessing OB from Encompass.  You will no longer be able to go directly to “Services” (Image #1) or use the “Search for Product and Pricing” (Image #2) option found on the lock icon at the top of the loan page - please see below.  If you do attempt to access pricing via these methods, you will notified to use the “Lock Request Form”


Image #1 

 Image #2 

Going forward you will need to use the “Lock Request Form” found under “Tools” (Image #3) or use the “Product and Pricing” button on the “Borrower Summary (Alameda)” form (Image #4).

 Image #3 


Image #4


Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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