"Form failure" error in Encompass when trying to print

"Form failure" error in Encompass when trying to print

The error should look like this.

- Looks to be the same root cause as the OpenDataSource200 error (MailMerge).
- This is due to a WinWord.Exe issue the user is unaware of


The error is to help notify the client they have a WinWord.Exe issue.
-  Please follow each solution # below, in the order listed (#1 - #5). 
-  One of these solutions should fix the form failure error for your user.

**STEPS To Follow:

1. Open up a new document in Microsoft Word and choose "Mailings" tab at the top of the new document. 
2. Then, go to Start Mail Merge and select "Normal Word Document". 
3. Close Encompass and Microsoft Word, then log back into Encompass an print a Custom Form. 

1. Open up Microsoft Word and navigate to File then Options. 
2. On the General tab, disable (uncheck) the "Open e-mail attachments and other uneditable files in reading view." 
NOTE: It is possible for Word documents to open in 'reading view' even if the 'Open e-mail attachments and other un-editable files in reading view' check box is un-checked. To double-check this,  open one of the affected documents and select View > Edit Document. It has been confirmed that making this configuration affects all word docs and has resolved the issue.

*These steps need to be performed for each document listed in the Form Failure message.
1. When attempting to print a custom doc in Encompass, change the Options drop down box, located at the bottom right of the Encompass Print window, to "Print forms with field IDs". 
2. Next, click the Preview button at the bottom of the Encompass Print window. 
3. Once Microsoft Word opens up, change the view from Read Mode to Print Layout (lower right corner of the Word document). 
4. Close Microsoft Word. 
5. Change the Options drop down box, located at the bottom right of the Encompass Print window, to "Print forms with borrower data". 
6. Click Print.

1. Uninstall and then re-install the Encompass printer. 

1. Run a repair on Microsoft Office.

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