Doc Request from Borrowers Perspective

Doc Request from Borrowers Perspective

This doc will give you some insight on what the borrower will need to do if a loan was created for them without an account being created first. And how to find requested documentation.

Doc Request

·         After Docs are requested from the LO the user will receive and email similar to the one below.

·         Note: This doc details what information is needed and how they should be completed.

·         The user will need to select the link to travel to the LOs site for account creation.

Account Creation

·         The Borrower will need to select "Create an Account" if they have not done so.

User Account Creation

·         The user will create a Username and enter the information listed.

Email Verification

·         After selecting "create" the user will receive this pop-up.

Email Verification

·         The borrower will receive an email to verify their email address.

The Borrower will need to log in with the username and password that they created.

The Borrower will need to enter the Auth Code that the LO created.

Borrower Homepage.

The user can select either To-Do List but the second contains both items.

This page will inform the Borrower which docs need to be submitted and how these files should be handled.

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