Doc Request Form /w Early CD

Doc Request Form /w Early CD

  • Underwriters

    • Open the “Doc Request Form /w Early CD” form
    • Notice at the top is a section for Underwriting
      • By entering a date and Approved By, you are confirming the 3 number items have been completed
    • The file will now show up in a custom Early CD Pipeline View for Processors.


  • Processors

    • Open the Doc Request Form /w Early CD
    • Notice at the top is a section for Underwriting and requirements in red that MUST BE MET:
      • Loan MUST be locked
      • Mavent Passed or Warnings that are allowable to go to docs
      • Approved by Underwriting
      • TRID Compliant file
    • Confirming Fee’s

        • When reviewing the Appraisal Fee, you can make necessary changes to reflect if it has been paid at closing or before. You can load the itemization to make quick changes as well.
  • Mavent alerts must be passed or warnings approved


    • TIP and Interest over next 5 years disclosed values vs current warnings are OK

    • HPML warnings must be signed off by LockDesk to verify we have an investor for your loan

      • Record your notes in the Ready for Docs milestone log

  • Title: ALTA\Settlement Statement Received

    • This field will show a date for when the Title: ALTA\Settlement Statement bucket has been filled

    • This bucket will be created automatically on new loans. Otherwise,  you must add bucket manually.

  • Verify the Lock

    • The Earliest Compliant Closing Date is Today plus 4 days.

    • Based on that date, you Lock must be valid through the following date field.

    • In the red box above you will know if you need to extend your lock to proceed

  • Payoffs & Payments

  • To include Payoffs & Payments you must press the button and then hit the Include Checkbox

  • The Include checkbox is now required for this payoff to show on the CD correctly

    • As a side note, this Doc Request Form is the best way to include payoffs. This avoids having to go into page 2 of the 1003

  • One every field has been filled out, you may check the box “Ready to Send Pre-Closing CD” this will put the loan in the Doc Drawers custom Pipeline View

  • If the Doc Drawer has an issue with your request, they will uncheck the box and write notes for the processor to review. The file will also show back up in the custom Pipeline View for the Processor.

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